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Can CBD Help With Autism?

Can CBD Help With Autism?

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CBD for autism

 Cannabidiol could well be the perfect therapy for the symptoms related to autism.

Being a  complicated neurobehavioural disorder with symptoms that include difficulties with social communication further hindered by frequent monotonous behaviour. Autism has a vast amount of symptoms, often having a profound negative effect on day-to-day life, ranging from minor impediments to huge disabilities that may eventually require special needs care.

What actually causes autism is not yet clear, and unfortunately there currently is no cure. Currently, treatments for symptoms are antipsychotic medications, these have harmful side effects, with some children not even responding to them.

Three to six out of every 1000 children in the USA have autism, roughly 75% of them being boys, with cases rising all the time. Although these figures may seem low, families with autistic children can go through an incredible struggle.

Using CBD to treat the hypersensitivity toward noises, smells, as well as hyperactivity related to the disorder has displayed very positive outcomes, although no official testing on this, has been carried out.


CBD for Autism

                                        Cannabidiol could be the perfect treatment for autism


Studies and Research

Leading studies in Israel have been carried out, One study in particular by Dr. Adi Aran based at the Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem carried out a seven-month treatment on 60 children. CBD oil with a strength of 20% was used over this period then parents were asked to assess and answer various questions on their child’s condition and behavioural patterns.

The findings showed that 80% noticed an improvement in behaviour (62% being substantial). Furthermore half of the children’s communication skills had vastly improved, with 40% showing less anxiety.

Being a Pioneer in cannabinoid therapy for autism, Dr. Aron began the first research of its kind in 2017 on 120 children with autism funded by the Israeli government. After the positive findings of the study, Dr. Aron’s waiting list went through the roof, with families from all over the country eagerly wanting to partake. A study on epilepsy, which can also be a symptom of autism was also carried out by Dr. Aran. This research showed certain cannabis compounds could also be effective in reducing epileptic fits.

A more recent 2019 study was conducted by organic chemist Professor Raphael Mechoulam over a period of 6 months. A total of 93 patients showing 53.7% with moderate improvement, 30% with substantial improvement, 6.4% with slight improvement, and 8.6% with no change in their condition. A quarter of the patients also experienced some side effects of restlessness. In short, CBD is a safe natural product that the body tolerates very well and can be an effective treatment for autistic spectrum disorder.


                                                       Research continues on the benefits of medical cannabis

Dosing – How much CBD to take for Autism

Actually, there is no accurate answer to this as everybody is different, thus so is the dosing amount. Nevertheless, one study indicates taking a daily amount of 16 mg per kg of body weight, but not to exceed 600 mg in any one day.

Generally, as a rule of thumb with full-spectrum CBD oil, our recommendation is to start with low dosage amounts 2-3 times daily. Slowly increased week by week until you hit the ideal dose for your child. This method is especially important in treating autism and epilepsy, as taking too much could show no results at all.

Please feel free to try our CBD dosing calculator to help find ideal CBD starting and building up amounts.


The traditional remedies prescribed for autistic children come in the form of anticonvulsants and psychoactive drugs. These are in the family of stimulants, antipsychotics, and antidepressants. These have adverse effects in adults so one can only imagine the havoc they can cause on a child’s system. Currently, there is no known medication the can alleviate autism’s core symptoms.  So a patient must ask themselves do the benefits outweigh the risks or side effects?

Being non-Psychoactive and deriving from plant-based matter, CBD is without question is one answer to a safer alternative treatment. Couple this with a change in diet that reduces processed foods, artificial sweeteners, and red meats, focussing more on a plant-based arrangement, you could find the benefits surprising.  We also highly recommend using a full-spectrum CBD oil that incorporates the whole plant extract, this work in harmony to support body homeostasis. ( to maintain a stable internal state that continues despite changes in the world around you.) All living organisms, from plants to humans, regulate their internal habitat to process energy and basically survive.


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