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CBD Oil For Psoriasis – Heal Yourself Naturally

cbd oil for psoriasis

CBD Oil For Psoriasis.


Psoriasis is a skin condition in which skin cell production increases to up to 10 times its normal rate. Symptoms on the skin show up as rough red scaley patches. The most common areas that are affected are the scalp, knees, elbows, and lower back, however, these symptoms can develop anywhere on the body.

Dermatologists believe psoriasis comes under the auto-immune disease umbrella. This means the body is tricked into thinking its own tissue is not its own but that of an external intruder thus triggering an attack mechanism.

This being said not all experts agree that psoriasis is an auto-immune disease. This theory suggests that psoriasis symptoms are unusual reactions to skin bacteria that are gene-related. This can be summarised as an immune-mediated inflammatory disease (IMID) a condition or disease that lacks a definitive etiology, characterized by common inflammatory issues.

Whatever the underlying reasons for psoriasis are, one thing is for sure it’s a horrible skin condition that can cause itchy discomfort often affecting a person’s self-esteem and confidence.


CBD oil for psoriasis

Elbows and knees are common areas for psoriasis


Psoriasis is not contagious and can not be spread from one person to another although it can be inherited.

Currently, there is no actual cure for psoriasis. Nevertheless Sending it into remission is totally achievable, resulting in a completely normal skin surface and drastically reducing itching and soreness.

What Research Tells Us

Back in 2007, a study was undertaken suggesting that cannabinoids can limit the buildup of skin cells and help in the treatment of psoriasis. A more recent 2019 review also indicates that cannabinoids are a viable treatment for psoriasis. CBD and other cannabinoids have superior anti-inflammatory properties, these fundamental compounds are connected to inflammatory skin conditions and could be the solution to treating them as this recent research shows.

Before discussing how to use CBD Oil for psoriasis, there are a few prerequisites that need to be done for this treatment to have maximum effectiveness.


First and foremost changing your diet is vital to controlling psoriasis. Cutting out red meat, saturated fats, carbohydrates, refined sugars, carbohydrates, and alcohol may help reduce flare-ups. If you cannot eliminate these from your diet then try to minimize them as much as possible.

Move toward a more plant-based nutrition plan incorporating things like seeds, nuts, olive oil, turmeric, ginger, and green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, kale, and collards. Dietary supplements like vitamins C, E, and omega 3 should also be considered in your new diet along with drinking plenty of fresh water every day.


A Balanced Diet Can Aid Skin Recovery

Skin Preparation

Making sure your skin has enough exposure to sunlight (phototherapy) is also a very important factor. If you are serious and determined to banish your psoriasis problem then daily sunlight therapy should not be neglected. Sunlight sparks the production of vitamin D in the body. This triggers immune cells to make their way to the outer layers of the skin where they start working to protect and help repair damage.

Prepare all affected areas by taking daily lukewarm baths. avoid using shower gels and soaps with fragrances that could irritate psoriasis further, instead use Epsom salts. Immerse yourself in the water making sure all problem areas are soaked thoroughly. What we are trying to achieve here is the elimination of loose flaky skin particles so that the affected area’s absorption is increased. Always pat dry affected areas gently, avoiding rough towel scrubbing.

Optional: If you can put up with a little stinging, dab the affected areas with a 50-50 mix of water and apple cider vinegar solution using cotton pads and allow to dry naturally. Do this once a day after showering or bathing. It is important to use apple cider vinegar that contains the mother.

So How do You Use CBD Oil for Psoriasis?

There are 2 ways to incorporate CBD Oil in your daily life for effective Psoriasis control and treatment. It is your choice whether to do one or the other or both, obviously doing both will, without a doubt, show a more positive result. The first step is choosing a quality organic full-spectrum CBD oil. A lower strength of 300mg – 500mg is more than adequate for aiding psoriasis healing.

1. Ingesting.

The most common way of taking CBD oil drops under the tongue can have a substantial anti-inflammatory effect on your psoriasis. Tackling the problem from the inside out is an obvious choice to make as it acts as a therapeutic treatment of psoriasis skin symptoms, as well as taking advantage of its pain and depression management properties.

Begin with an organic Full-spectrum CBD Oil 10% oil dropping two drops under your tongue, 3 times a day holding it for 30 seconds then swallowing. Follow this with a glass of water. Please note, a recommended 10 days usage until your body starts to adapt and properly receive the cannabinoids in the oil properly. Continue this dosage for as long as you wish and incorporate it with the following:

2. Topical Application.

Using over-the-counter emollients can be effective for moisturizing to some extent, but most contain other chemicals and ingredients that you simply do not need on your skin. Here I will explain how to make your own moisturizing and healing emollient that is 100% natural and 100% beneficial in your battle against psoriasis.

Firstly choose a natural base emollient of your choice. These include coconut oil, olive oil, sheer butter, or castor oil. Find a small suitable container with a lid that can hold roughly 100ml. (An empty moisturizer tub would work well)

Now you can either fill the container with 1 natural emollient or a combination of 2, 3 or any combo you like as long as they amount to 100ml. Take your CBD Oil 10%  that you have been ingesting, mentioned in the previous section, and proceed to drop in 30 drops into your tub. Now take a clean wooden stick and begin to stir for no less than 3 minutes making sure everything is completely combined. Sitting the tub in hot water for a few minutes will aid the sheer butter and coconut oil to melt effectively.

Congratulations you have just made a 100% natural cannabidiol psoriasis moisturizing and healing balm.


Incorporate CBD Oil with other natural emollients for an effective Psoriasis topical.

How To Use Your Balm Effectively.

Dab 1 finger into the balm and begin applying it onto the affected area in a slow circular motion making sure the whole area has been treated. Continue to massage the balm until it has soaked in. Remember less is more, we don’t want to slather the area in oils, just that 1 dab is enough for that area. The secret to success here is consistency. If are determined to get rid of your psoriasis you must keep feeding all affected areas twice a day little by little. Perhaps once after a bath and another in the morning, but keep doing it day in, day out relentlessly.


Psoriasis may not be a life-threatening condition, but for those unfortunate enough to have it daily life can become miserable very quickly. The simple act of wearing shorts or a t-shirt can be daunting, not to mention the painful soreness and irritability symptoms can bring. Empower yourself to rise above it and use your own remedies to heal yourself. Try to control your stress levels by adopting a more relaxed and chilled version of yourself. With true determination and a good mindset, you can keep psoriasis dormant and cast it out of your life forever!



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