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THE PECHOTI METHOD: Administering CBD oil via the bellybutton / Navel


On the off chance that you’re as of now acquainted with CBD, at that point you’ll realize that you can take it either by mouth, vaping, or through applying it on your skin. In any case, there’s a single direction of taking CBD that isn’t regularly utilized and infrequently talked about. This super technique consolidates the Pechoti Method and Belly Button Healing to improve the impacts of CBD in the body through the gut button.

The gut catch is a significant reflexology point that associates all the significant organs in the body, so animating it can alleviate pressure and agony and lift flow, vitality, and generally speaking wellbeing. So how do these strategies cooperate?


Did you realize you could drop cannabis in your belly button?. Most individuals are uninformed that you can utilize cannabis by applying it in and around their stomach button. 

Presently, you’re not actually pressing weed in your gut catch like a bowl, Nor are you blowing smoke out of your midsection button. What you’re doing is using CBD oil, utilizing a system called the Pechoti admission technique. The Pechoti organ is situated behind the midsection button. Moreover, during pregnancy, the umbilical line conveys supplements from the mother to her child through an association made with the Pechoti organ.

After the umbilical line is cut, the Pechoti organ stays with more than 70 million nerves are running over this organ to tissues and organs all through the body. One of the most seasoned comprehensive recuperating frameworks on the planet. Its ayurvedic medication which is an infrastructure of medication concentrating on the parity and combination of soul, brain, and body.


The individuals who practice this type of medication ordinarily applied basic oils to the paunch button. Rasayana Ayurvedic was the objective for some, who rehearsed early ayurvedic drug. This term is one that alludes to a way of quintessence or the study of expanding one’s life expectancy. Putting fundamental oils in or on the paunch catch enables the Pechoti organ to retain the cannabinoids. Reports express that this technique assists with a wide range of infirmities both physical and mental.

Engrossing oil through this strategy may help improve visual perception, diminish joint torments, help with gastrointestinal issues, torpidity, dry eyes, and then some. This navel strategy for conveyance for cannabinoids permits these fundamental plant mixes to scatter all through the body. This strategy is additionally expected to work for the two people. Whenever you have abdominal pain, spasms or sore muscles in your stomach, attempt a little cannabis oil on your Pechoti organ.


You can take CBD Oil in different manners. Dribbling under the tongue, blending with your beverages, gulping cases or utilizing another type of CBD items. Yet, presently a way-out strategy has been added to these. To be specific: Taking CBD Oil utilizing the navel. No, it is anything but a joke. Your navel can accomplish more than you might suspect.

A few people discover the flavour of CBD Oil detestable. We have discovered the answer to this: the Pechoti technique. This empowers you to bring substances into your body through the navel. Truly, extremely, the thing which typically you possibly run over when expelling cushion is a convenient instrument for taking CBD Oil.


Applying CBD oil and rubbing it into your belly button catch offers numerous advantages that you probably won’t have the option to traverse different techniques.

Around 72,000 veins go through the territory behind the paunch button that is associated with different organs and tissues, for example, the stomach, internal organ, bladder, and the cerebrum. Henceforth, by applying CBD oil to your tummy button, cannabinoids can successfully be assimilated into the veins and travel all through the body in a speedy and non-intrusive way.

Advantages can incorporate improving your visual perception, assuage torment in your joints, and lighten dry eyes, torpidity, and gastrointestinal issues. It can likewise improve your processing, balance your hormones, and is an incredible help alternative for muscle strain, gloom, stress, and emotional episodes.

There are no known reactions of utilizing the Pechoti Method or doing Belly Button Healing, yet make a point to counsel a certified social insurance expert on any issues in regards to your wellbeing or on the off chance that you have any worries about utilizing these items.

In this way, next time you’re taking CBD oil, have a go at placing some in your belly button and promote healing. Have a try and see how you feel.


The navel is where the umbilical rope entered the body during your period in the belly. What the vast majority don’t know is that behind that catch on your stomach are concealed around 70,000 veins. Every one of these veins prompts different organs and different places in your body where you need substances from the CBD oil to reach. We consider this the Pechoti organ.

CBD Oil and Cannabis Oil contain cannabinoids, terpenes, fundamental oils, unsaturated fats and many more substances which the navel can appropriate. Essentially drop a few drops of CBD Oil or Cannabis Oil from your pipette bottle into your navel while lying or sitting and let the Pechoti organ take every necessary step. Save yourself the issue of getting substances from CBD or Cannabis into your navel by another strategy. Bits of weed, vapour or gems don’t work. The navel works flawlessly with oil.


We can without much of a stretch comprehend that you may think that its somewhat curious and are thinking: ‘Admirably, that is not for me.’ But the Pechoti technique has numerous points of interest:

  • Discover a very easy to use way what CBD Oil could work for you
  • You don’t need to do anything, simply rests
  • You don’t need to stress over the flavour of the oil anymore
  • Doesn’t simply work with CBD Oil , additionally with Cannabis Oil
  • The Pechoti organ can ingest every one of the substances from CBD or Cannabis oil.

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