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What exactly is CBD and CBD Oil?

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD oil, is a popular natural remedy that is used for many diseases and can be an integral part of a healthy and pure lifestyle. It is a cannabinoid, and one of the 104 chemical compounds that can be found in the cannabis or marijuana plant.

CBD is not psychoactive and does not change the mental state of a person. This quality alone makes CBD attractive to those seeking pain relief without psychoactive effects. CBD has found its way in beauty products, oils, and even food. Restaurants, bars, and cafes across the country are beginning to add CDB to the items on their menus.

CBD is a chemical compound found in cannabis plants (both marijuana and hemp). Unlike THC, cannabidiol does not have any psychoactive properties, which means it can’t get you high. While peer-reviewed studies are still needed to substantiate the health benefits of CBD products, many consumers are flocking to them for their potential to help with everything from muscle aches to insomnia, anxiety, MS, cancer and psychosis.

What is CBD Oil?

The least processed form of the cannabis plant is hemp. Hemp contains most of the CBD that people use medicinally. Hemp and marijuana come from the same plant, Cannabis sativa, but the two are very different.

Over the years, marijuana farmers have selectively bred their plants to contain high levels of THC and other compounds that interested them, often because the compounds produced a smell or had another effect on the plant’s flowers.

However, hemp farmers have rarely modified the plant. These hemp plants are used to create CBD oil.

CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant, then diluting it with a carrier oil like coconut, olive or hemp seed oil.

CBD oil is a mega-trend in the beauty and wellness industries right now, and it’s larger than life in food and drink.

CBD can be found in everything now, from mascara to lotions to cocktails. And it’s no wonder we’re adding the cannabis compound to everything—there’s increasing research that shows that CBD has many health benefits, such as pain relief, decreased anxiety and depression, and better sleep. CBD comes in a variety of forms, such as oils, pastes, edibles, smokable/vaped, drinks, and body care products. The oil allows the most flexibility—you can drop some in your mouth before bed or create different recipes and infusions with it. Because of increasing popularity and hundreds of products on the market, make sure you do your research and buy high quality, the reputable brand of organic CBD oil.

Advantages Of CBD Oil

1 • Fantastic Pain Reliever

More recently, scientists have discovered that certain components of marijuana, including CBD, are responsible for great pain-relieving properties.

2. The human body contains a specialized system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is involved in regulating a variety of functions including sleep, appetite, pain and immune system response.

3. The body produces endocannabinoids, which are neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid receptors in your nervous system.

4. Studies have shown that CBD may help reduce chronic pain by impacting endocannabinoid receptor activity, reducing inflammation and interacting with neurotransmitters.

2 • Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are common mental health disorders that can have devastating impacts on health and well-being. Since 2006 a spike in these disorders has increased by a whopping 48 %!

CBD oil has shown promise as a treatment for both depression and anxiety, leading many who live with these disorders to become interested in this natural approach instead of numbing the mind with pharma meds.

CBD oil has even been used to safely treat insomnia and anxiety in children with post-traumatic stress disorder.

3 • Can Alleviate Cancer-Related Symptoms

CBD may help reduce symptoms related to cancer and side effects related to cancer treatment, like nausea, vomiting, and pain.

Some test-tube and animal studies have even shown that CBD may have anticancer properties. For example, one test-tube study found that concentrated CBD induced cell death in human breast cancer cells.

Ultimately regularly using Cannabinoids keeps cancer away, causing any minuscule cancer cells to commit suicide. This was first reported in 1998 by molecular biologist Christina Sanchez in Madrid, Spain.

4 • May Reduce Acne

Acne is a common skin condition that affects more than 9% of the population. It is thought to be caused by a number of factors, including genetics, bacteria, underlying inflammation and the overproduction of sebum, an oily secretion made by sebaceous glands in the skin.

Based on recent scientific studies, CBD oil may help treat acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to reduce sebum production.

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