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CBD Oil For Menopause.


6 Ways CBD could help with Menopause.

CBD Oil for Menopause

Menopause Overview

Most women do not even contemplate menopause until one day it comes knocking on their door unexpectedly. Sadly most are unprepared and shocked by its many symptoms that are often not recognized or even mistaken for another condition. Older generations kept everything quiet about “the change” keeping their heads down and just grinning and bearing the many uncomfortable symptoms. Even today most countries’ health services are untrained and unprepared to deal with this feminine change over.

Stages of menopause

  1. Perimenopause. the first stage can take place eight to ten years before actual menopause. The ovaries’ estrogen production slowly decreases and will last until the ovaries cease releasing eggs. In the final one to two years of perimenopause estrogen levels dramatically drop and it’s at this point many women experience menopause symptoms.
  2. Menopause. at this stage, a woman no longer has menstrual periods. The ovaries have completely stopped releasing eggs and estrogen. menopause can be confirmed when a woman has been without a menstrual period for a continuous period of 12 months.
  3. Postmenopause. This is the stage when a woman has not menstrually bled for a complete year. At this stage, menopausal symptoms may calm down for many women, although some continue to have them for a decade or longer.
menopause stage chart
menopause stages

Symptoms of Menopause

• Urinal urgency ( an intense pressing need to urinate & more often)

• Hot Flashes ( a burst of heat that spreads over the body)

• emotional changes such as mood swings, irritability & mild depression

• Vaginal dryness (discomfort during intercourse)

• Dry eyes, mouth, and skin

• Night sweats and some insomnia

Women at the perimenopause stage may also experience heavier/irregular periods, breast tenderness, headaches, joint/muscle pain, libido change, racing heart, difficulty concentrating, memory lapses (temporary), and some weight gain.

symptoms of menopause
symptoms of menopause

CBD Oil For Menopause – 6 ways Cannabis and Hemp can help.

1.Aches & Joint Pain

Age has nothing to do with this, the lack of estrogen in the body causes it to develop an increase in inflammatory molecules (TNFa). A whopping 60% of women between the ages of 40 and 60 develop arthritis symptoms during menopause causing pain in joints and muscles.

How CBD may Help.

Cannabidiol is a proven anti-inflammatory. Also being anti-arthritic can protect joints against damage caused by inflammation during menopause. Taking CBD oil accompanied by low impact exercise and a healthy diet could dramatically fight inflammation.

2. Night Sweats and Hot Flashes

During menopause and perimenopause, a woman’s body temperature can increase quickly by 1.5 degrees. although this may not seem like a lot it can undoubtedly interfere with sleep and daily activities. These are vasomotor symptoms (the controlling of blood vessel diameter). vasomotor instability is a result of estrogen withdrawal, thus causing hot flashes.

How CBD may Help.

Hot flashes stem from neurochemical dysfunction as discussed. It is known that antidepressants can indeed help with hot flashes. CBD has a great effect on the body’s serotonin (5-HT or 5hydroxytryptamine) system, and many women swear by it. Practicing proper relaxation methods and using CBD oil will help rid your body of hot flashes.

menopause can cause havoc in your sleep patterns
menopause can cause havoc in your sleep patterns

3. Depression and Mood Swings

With estrogen levels at their lowest, it’s no surprise women experience anxiety and/or depression during menopause. Estrogen influences serotonin and a host of neurotransmitters in the brain that directly affect mood.

How CBD may Help.

CBD activates the serotonin receptors period! much like the drug buspirone. The difference being CBD as we know is a completely natural extract. Also well documented and studied are the anti-anxiety properties cannabidiol has. Taking CBD for these symptoms is a no brainer.

menopause and mood
menopause can affect mood

4. Weight Gain & Diabetes

Lower estrogen levels cause the body to burn fewer calories. Hormones affect our bodies in a multitude of ways including regulating of our metabolism whether awake or asleep. During menopause even cutting back on calories and exercising will burn less fat than before, therefore storing more fats increases susceptibility to diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

How CBD may Help.

Studies have increasingly shown that persons using cannabis products have lower insulin levels and smaller waistlines. It can also assist with the body’s natural endocannabinoid that is connected to the resistance of insulin that is boosted during menopause.

taking cbd oil for menopause
CBD oil is easy to consume and 100% Natural

5. Bladder Control & Vaginal dryness (Genitourinal Syndrome)

Estrogen assists with blood flow in the pelvic region, supplying fresh oxygen to the urinary tract and other sexual organs, maintaining health and elasticity. Once a woman reaches menopause and estrogen supply drops, some extra tender loving care should be given to the pelvis area to encourage better blood flow.

How CBD may Help.

Together with an active sex life a CBD based topical lubricant also containing various other cannabinoids makes an excellent vasodilator increasing blood flow to the pelvic area. As well as moisturizing the vaginal canal CBD topicals, ease pain, fight inflammation and relax muscles. Using a CBD based lubricant during menopause is a great choice and your body will thank you for it.

6. Bloating (menopause belly)

This phenomenon is caused by shifting hormones before the main menopause kicks in. Changes in diet, decrease in exercise patterns and lowered estrogen creates fat cells in the abdominal area. This stores more fat and can reduce your system’s ability to burn fat.

How CBD can help.

CBD can aid digestion, gut mobility, and alleviate cramps and bloating. Its high anti-inflammatory properties reduce nausea and the body’s perception of discomfort and pain. Cannabidiol also influences and regulates bowel movements which can also bring relief from bloating.


Women going through the menopausal stages can experience a profound change of body and mind. Coupled with the stresses and demands of current times, this can become all too overwhelming and difficult to deal with. CBD Oil For Menopause is there for women as an alternative natural remedy to help manage symptoms in this time of need.


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