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Organic Cold Pressed CBD Oil – How is it made?

cold pressed cbd how is it made?

Organic Cold Pressed CBD Oil — How is it made?

Organic Cold Pressed CBD — What is Cold Press Extraction?

Our cold press extraction method involves using low heat (under 35 degrees Celsius), no solvents, or other unnecessary toxic chemicals. Therefore, the slow process relies almost completely on applying pressure to organic hemp. The extreme pressure applied to the hemp under minimal heat allows it to be ground into a very fine paste consistency. The paste is then thoroughly mixed for the oils to better coagulate. Ending with further pressure applied to the paste, eventually forcing the oil to be extracted.

What are the Benefits of Cold Press Extraction?

Organic cold pressed CBD oil extraction methods positively impact  the taste and how it reacts and benefits your body. While using high heat-based or CO2 extraction processes can result in a higher yield of CBD oil, it can also taint the flavour and lower the nutritional content of the oil. Cold press extraction hold taste and all the precious nutrients by utilizing a low heat and pressure to extract a much higher quality CBD oil. We believe that the extra work and patience pays off by the increased quality. Just compare our products with other CBD oils, and we are  sure you will agree.



cold pressed cbd

Part of our cold pressing facility in Tuscany, Italy.

Organic Cold Pressed CBD Oil and the Environment.

Cold pressed CBD oil is very environmentally friendly. We don’t waste any part of the plant. The only by-product of our cold press process is in the form of hemp powder, which is a great source of protein, fibre, and rich in omega-3 and omega-6. This is subsequently sold on and made into high-grade hemp protein powder. So there is absolutely zero waste.

We are not about making maximum profits, our goal is to produce the highest possible quality CBD oil and at the same time be as friendly to our mother earth as we can be.


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